Public engagement

Details of public-facing reports, talks, and diversity training workshops.

Sutton Trust report

In November 2022, we published Speaking Up: Accents and Social Mobility for the Sutton Trust. The report documents the experiences of bias and career-related anxiety among speakers of different accents at different life stages. You can access the report in .pdf format by clicking here.

Full project report

In 2020, we published the full ‘Accent Bias in Britain’ project report. The report details the rationale for our study, our methodology, and the main findings of our analyses. You can access the report in .pdf format by clicking here.

Diversity training

We have worked with the Social Mobility Commission to embed considerations of accent-based discrimination in their Financial and Professional Services Toolkit and are listed in the Social Mobility Commission’s Organisation Directory.
Accent Bias Britain has added coverage of accent as a route for discrimination against social class and ethnicity to the Equality Act Review. Details can be found in the Equality Act 10 Years On Report.
The team have conducted practical, evidence-based workshops to improve employment practices extensively, in a number of sectors: corporate (banking, law, real estate, PR and marketing, HR and recruiting), government and the Civil Service (main government departments, NHS trusts), arts organisations, and education (schools and universities).
We are available for consultation on implementing simple and effective tools for raising awareness of accent as a basis for bias in professional sectors.